One-80° Pronosupinator, Large

One-80° Pronosupinator, Large | Performance Health

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Sep 2022
Lighter, more comfortable, lower profile, more adjustable and even shinier. Enhanced features include:
  • More comfortable - lower profile with shorter humerus cuff.
  • Smaller & lighter - The cuff length has been shortened significantly, improving comfort and elbow flexion/extension, without losing the strong leverage in rotation. It is now down to a super light 400g (14oz).
  • More leverage at end-of-range - underloop attachments for better leverage when aiming for 75˚ to 95˚ in both pronation or supination.
  • More adjustable - the standard size will fit people from about 150cm (approx 4’11”) to 188cm (approx 6’2″). Larger size available. Paediatric upon request.
  • Stronger build - The lightweight aluminium is now anodised for a scratch and stain resistant surface.
Get your multi-award winning One-80˚ Pronosupinator
Get your hands on a winner! The One-80˚ Pronosupinator is the winner of the Australian Physiotherapy Assocation’s PitchFest Award in 2019, and a finalist in the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy Cristina Alegri Award for Innovation in Hand Therapy. You can now read about it in a feature article in the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand eZine.  Proven to improve supination and/or pronation, the One-80˚ Pronosupinator is the orthosis everyone is talking about.

Dynamic Supination & Pronotion
The One-80° Pronosupinator is designed to mobilise the forearm into supination or pronation. It can hold the forearm at end of range rotation whilst allowing free flexion and extension of the elbow. Meanwhile, the patient can actively rotate in the opposite direction for brief function. The One-80° Pronosupinator will reliably stretch the patient straight back to end-of-range.

Strong Stretch at End-of-Range
Can’t achieve full supination or pronation? Stiff or uncomfortable at end-of-range? The One-80° Pronosupinator is designed to improve these limitations. Studies show that when conventional therapy fails to achieve full rotation, orthoses (splints) that hold a stretch at the end-of-range produce significant gains in range of motion. It is guaranteed to hold your patient at end-of-range pronation or supination.

Allows Normal Function
The One-80° Pronosupinator will hold your patient in the desired position (eg. end-of-range supination), but allow them to rotate out of position (eg. pronate), then return them back to a stretched position. It can be applied in either supination or pronation. The patient’s fingers and thumb are free to move and their elbow is free to flex and extend. No other orthosis allows this while maintaining end-of-range rotation.

Full Elbow ROM
The elbow is free to flex (bend) and extend (straighten). This reduces additional stiffness and limits to function.

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